The space missions CoRoT and Kepler started a golden era for Asteroseismology, which drove great discoveries and advances in stellar interior and evolution theories. The Iberian Meeting on AsteroSeismology (I+) was born within that time to boost Portuguese and Spanish asteroseismic communities. Following such spirit, up to six meetings were celebrated. Unfortunately, the last economic recession significantly reduced our researchers number.

Now, in the era of TESS, CHEOPS, and the new ground spectroscopic facilities, such as SONG and CARMENES, the storm seems to have passed. It is time to reborn from the ashes and look into the future: PLATO2.0. We need to gather again the entire iberian asteroseismic community, present our current situation, discuss about the forthcoming challenges, find new funding opportunities and starting long-term collaborations. All this will provide us stability against new threats.

For all these reasons, we are pleased to announce the 7th I+!



Due to the actual situation, mobility restriccions between countries, and health security of participants, the Iberian Meeting will be held completely online for the first time.

Additional projects can be submitted after registration. Please, use the proper link located in your profile.




02 October 2020: Registration and project submission deadline
06 - 09 October 2020: 7th I+



Sebastià Barceló Forteza (CAB, chair)
Javier Pascual Granado (IAA, chair)
Antonio García Hernández (UGR, chair)


Sebastià Barceló Forteza (CAB)
Javier Pascual Granado (IAA)
Antonio García Hernández (UGR)
José Ramón Rodón (IAA)
Carlos Rodrigo Blanco (CAB)